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Network 1 provides placement services to individuals with intellectual disabilities who have never worked, are currently unemployed, or want to re-enter the workforce. Participants in this program will be given support by a Case Manager and will have opportunities to work on a variety of jobs if desired to ensure a proper fit. This will increase participants’ knowledge of what it means to be a good employee while at the same time allowing them to earn income. Depending upon each participant’s needs, Network 1 may provide transportation to and from the work sites. However, mobility skills training will also be available if needed.


Our services include career planning, assessments (situational & functional), supported employment (individual & group placement), work skills development, community inclusion/outreach, technical assistance & accommodations assistive technology, transportation, and mobility training. Our first step begins with a supported employment assessment for each participant to determine skill level, job preferences, opportunities for integration into a community job setting, transportation issues, family concerns, and more. Once employment has been established, we offer side by side job coaching (cues, verbal prompts, instructions, feedback) to assist participants with learning their job tasks to the greatest extent possible. 


Hiring individuals with intellectual disabilities has amazing benefits including dedicated & loyal employees, reduced turnover rates, reduced absenteeism, pre-screening of job candidates, access to an untapped & underutilized labor pool, savings on advertising, hiring & training expenses, individualized 1:1 training by a job coach at no expense to the employer, tax credits/tax breaks, and making a difference. Among the many other benefits listed above, hiring individuals with intellectual disabilities also yields tax breaks. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal Tax Credit available to employers for hiring individuals from certain target groups, such as those in Network 1's supported employment program. There is no limit on the number of individuals an employer can hire from target groups, to qualify and claim the tax credit. 

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